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PP film blowing machine
Material: polypropylene or PP

1.The die head can rotate by 360° and enhance the strength and uniformity of the plastic film.
2.Screws and charging barrels are made by nitrogen treatment and precision machining with 38CRMOALA alloy steel. These screws and barrels have high hardness, strong corrosion resistance and durable service.
3.The structure of die head is screw shaft type plated with hard chrome. The extruded liquation stuffing is uniform. The blown film has good finish. The structure of air cooling device is labyrinth type with uniform blowing rate. The circulating water cooling can achieve the best transparency of blown film.
4.The coiling apparatus operates with pressure friction winding or center winding and adjusted with torque motor. The winding products are smooth and it is easy to replace the roller.
5.Optional configuration:
Auto loader
Rotating die head
Double winder
Air shaft

Polypropylene rotating die head film blowing unit is applicable to blowing PP plastic film used for the package of civilian goods and industrial products such as food, clothing, textile and articles for everyday use.

Technical parameters

Model MD-PP-45 MD-PP-55 MD-PP-65
Applicable materials PP
Product width(mm) 100-500 150-600 200-800
Product thickness(mm) 0.03-0.11 0.03-0.11 0.03-0.11
Maximum extrusion output 30 45 60
Screw diameter(mm) φ45 φ55 φ65
Screw length-to-diameter ratio 28:01:00
Charging barrel cooling 370w×2 370w×2 370w×3
Main machine power (kW) 11 15 18.5
Die orifice(mm) φ150 φ250 φ300
Fan(Kw) 1.5 1.5 2.2
Width of carry-over pinch roll (mm) φ165×550 φ165×650 φ165×850
Hual-off power(Kw) 5-60
Haul-off speed(m/min) 0.75
Coiling speed(m/min) 5-60
Coiling power(N.m) 5 5 6
Footprint(m) 3.5×2×3.5 4.2×2.5×4 4.6×2.8×4.5

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