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Characteristic :

The machine is researched and manufactured by our company on the basis of integration of lots of advantages of others of this kind, and the feedback of the home and overseas market. It integrate the machine\high\electricity\gas into a system ,and it is a multi-functional automatic bag maker with high speed. It is applicable to produce all sort of costume bag\data bag\shoe bag ,and so on.

Performance and Characteristics

1, The aircraft adopts domestic and foreign advanced technology manufacturing (the first case).
2, Using computer-controlled, stepping motor structure models.
3. With a photoelectric automatic tracking, white bag and bag color conversion function, micro-computer fixed-length, automatic counting, to the number of alarms, automatic temperature control.
4, With auto-cut mouth, pump pore, semi-round pore, thread belt, belt shift, side sealing, bottom sealing, point break, fold, continuous rolling and depart rolling mechanical devices.
5, Sealed off with the point of synchronization, sealing bottom strong and beautiful.
6, The aircraft can be processed with a garbage bag  

7, The whole machine adopts one continuous line with high degree of automation that is the ideal equipment to produce garbage. It is also a replacement of similar products imported advanced equipment.

● Main technical parameters



Maximum bag width

800 mm

The maximum length of bag


Film thickness

0.01 ~ 0.04mm

Speed bag

33-40 meters/min

Total Power

18 kw

Machine Weight

2500 kg

Machine Dimension

9500 *1800 * 1800mm

Machine Allocation :



Main motor

1 piece

Feeding motor and rewind motor

4 piece

computer controller

1 set

frequency converter

1 set

photocell eye

1 pice

speed controller

1 piece

stepping motor

1 piece


2 pieces


1 piece

temperature control

2 sets

Folding devices

2 sets

Heating blade

2 pieces

Servo motor


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