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RPLD-500D double line sheet protector making machine

Machine picture:

Sample picture:

I Main Technical Parameters: 

1Speed of machine:  60110 pcs/min×2

2Max width of material:  235mm×2

3、Length of bag making:  300mm~500mm

4Suitable material:  PP tube material 

5Power required: 15kw

6Weight:  3000kgs

7Overall dimension:  6700mmx1650mmx1650mm  (L×W×H)

8Working Voltage:  Three phase AC 380V 50Hz 

II Main configuration:

1The machine use  motion controller which is made in CN And

the machine uses 5.7 inches HITIC touch screen as human machine

interface. The display of touch screen and the manual of the machine is both in English and Chinese. It can be switched according to the requirement.

2、Main motor: Adopts  vector inverter as main speed regulator.

3Feeding: Adopts  vector inverter as speed regulator. 

4Ultrasonic knurling: Adopts two sets double lines 2.6 kw ultrasonic Knurling

5 Deviation correcting device for feeding: Adopts two double photoelectric deviation correcting device. 

6 Sealing: Using hot cutter by point sealing style with temperature controller

7Two 11 holes punchers

8Two devices for inserting white stripes. 

9Two tubes material opened devices. 

10up and down (AB) collecting materials bin

11Two sets of golden foiling device.

12Two sets of blade.

13.Two swing arms.  

Equipped with other devices: (Customers supply )

aPower: Three Phase  AC380V 50Hz and grounding line (requirement: Adopts   The reinforcing steel bar or steel tube which diameter is 30 50mm and length more than 1.5m throw into the earth, and use the 4 square mm to fetch out the lead on the above) absolute forbid the zero line meet the machine. 

bfield installation: in order to meet the requirement the installation place should has good condition to meet the requirement so that at the running process, the machine can running stably).

 cpressure: 510kg/cm2  dpower:15kw.

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