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600 model Technical parameters of single shaft shredder

The production line can quickly shred many materials such as pipes, blocks, pallets, wires and cables, wood, etc.




A:600 type single shaft shredder


1The bottom frame of the rack is made of 100×100×5mm steel pipe, and there are 8 fixed bottom plates at the bottom

2The main body of the case is made of 16mm steel plate, with 4 lifting earrings, the whole is firm, and the case and the bottom frame are connected by welding

3Feeding hopper size: 600×700mm, the hopper is mobile, to ensure that the pipe is not easy to fall when shredding the pipe, thereby greatly improving the shredding ability

4The mobile bucket guard frame is made of national standard No. 10 channel steel, which is solid and has high seismic resistance during work. The mobile bucket is equipped with mobile slide rails on both sides.

bHydraulic system

1、1. The hydraulic pump adopts 2.2KW oil pressure, the pressure can reach 5000㎏。

2、2. The hydraulic cylinder model is 60×600, quantity: 1

3、3. The hydraulic pusher is made of 16mm steel plate, and the left and right and bottom planes are protected by wear-resistant materials. The front end of the pusher is equipped with a tooth and rack clamping device to ensure that the material does not slip when shredded.


1The motor adopts domestic Taiwan-funded East Asia motor

222KW-4 pole horizontal motor


1Adopting German-funded enterprises, products of Zhejiang Rui Desen Company

2Model is H2HH4-18:1

eTool axis

1It is made of 45# steel by forging, heat treatment, turning and finishing milling

2Overall sturdy and wear-resistant

3Outer diameter of cutter shaft Φ350mm

4Effective length of cutter shaft: 600mm

5Knife shaft speed: 80 rpm


1The bearing adopts domestic famous brand, Wafangdian products.

2The selected bearing has a locking device


1The knives are strictly made of SKD-11 material, the knives are wear-resistant and have strong impact resistance

2Movable knife size: 40×40×25mm, a total of 26

3Fixed knife size: 600×120×40mm, a total of 1


1The screen is made of 10mm steel plate

2The aperture of the screen is Φ50mm, and it can also be equipped according to the actual material to be shredded by the customer.

iElectrical control

1The entire control system is controlled by PLC. When the motor is overloaded, it stops and the spindle reverses to protect the motor.

2The standard configuration of electrical appliances is domestic famous brand Delixi

3The control electric box is made of 2mm steel plate, and the exterior is sprayed with plastic, each with a clear label according to the label

jExterior paint

1The exterior paint is generally gray and light blue.

2The mobile bucket is white, and the motor shield is yellow. It can also be ordered according to customer needs.


1The output of shredder is 300500/h

2The size of the shredded material is about 100×40×6mm

lDimensions and weight

1Overall dimensions: 2600×1600×1900

2Total Weightabout 2700


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