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1)      the extruder section:

a.         The screw diameter: Φ55/60/55mm 

b.         Screw + material tube: material 38CrMOALA    screw from Zhoushan  

c.         Screw length diameter ratio: 30:1

d.         The screw speed: 10 - 90rpm

e.         The reel cooling: 250W*2*3/380V (strong wind cooling performance)

f.          The process of normalizing: - -quenching-conditioning- elimination of stress - nitriding

g.         Net changing device (San Tong): flow hard chrome plating (improve brightness and membrane fluidity of the film) &180 high temperature treatment

h.         The heating control area: barrel three area,  net change one area, die area two area 

i.          heating ring: all aluminum skin (quick heating, no color change, durable)

j.          The heating power: 25KW

k.         Temperature control: intelligent double number phenotypes, temperature control meter

l.          All use stainless steel heater

m.       Blower:5.5kW / 380 (compression type can increase the output, variable frequency control)

n.         Wind ring: φ1000 Aluminum Alloy high-pressure air ring (with the chassis and air pressure double outlet)

o.         Gear box: 173/180/173 China Standard (GB) hardened gear box, with pump

p.         Main motor: 18.5KW/22KW/18.5KW and 4 level three-phase asynchronous motor (Shanghai special motor factory) inverter control

q.         Die structure: inside spiral, center feed

r.          Die material: 40C steel die runner hard chromium plating

s.          Die specifications: Φ300mm     rotary die head 


2)      traction part

a.         Rack height: 6.8 meters fixed traction

b.         The steel structure: steel structure: frame (ladder), a safe operating platform and safety fence

c.         The traction converter: 1.5KW (Shanghai DEDONG Electromechanical Factory)

d.         The traction device: worm gear variable speed, traction stabily

e.         The stable foam : squirrel cage type (six of each group independently adjustable)

f.          The traction roller: rubber roller, fixed traction

g.         The guide roller (roller): all rollers are 1100mm

h.         The Shanghai Luo Chen, general inverter (1.5KW inverter and host in the same control cabinet)

i.          Roller width is 1300mm       traction roller material: rubber roller

j.          The baffle bar type foam frame used in the 1200 film width

k.         Centering rod: special taper

l.          Maximum angle: 22 degrees (adjustable)

m.       Inserted edge: Wooden adjustable 

3)      Rewinding part

 Double rewinding

a.         Winding way: Friction type single winding, large drum close to rewind

b.         Scroll structure: horizontal type

c.         Large drum diameter: 250mm

d.         The winding motor: 3 set torque motor speed adjust dial, 1 set 5n/m and 2 sets 10n/nm  torque motor (the respective transmission film flatness is pretty good)

e.         The winding quantity: 4 pcs winding roll

4)      Electrical components

Power distribution cabinet 1 set, AC contactor, temperature control table, C45 switch, air switch, button, inverter, transformer, exhaust fan, current meter, voltage meter (China well-known brands, such as CHINT, people's electrical appliances)

5)      Free Spare parts

The toolbox: machine parts, inner six angle wrench, test pencil, filter etc.

Thermocouple 3pcs

Tempreture controller 1pc

Contactor 1pc

Switch 2pcs

Barrel Heater 1pc

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